BlackboxOS is a framework for responsive infrastructure design focused on blockchain applications. It gives developers a foundation to build out blockchain application stacks and get them deployed quickly, with minimal configuration. The BlackboxOS powers Cypdex’s own infrastructure as well as our line of Blackbox devices.

BlackboxOS aims to be agnostic to both chipset and scale to allow for deployments on a range of targets from ARM-based single board computers (SBCs) like the Raspberry Pi to cloud-based clusters. It is appropriate for use as a development tool as well as a production platform.

Detailed instructions and configuration can be found in the docs. The code is open-sourced on Github.



Service stacks run reliably on both single board computers (like the RPi) as well as in the cloud.

Image Maintenance

Crypdex actively monitors projects and maintains Docker images to keep you secure and on the right fork.

It’s Docker

Because BlackboxOS builds on Docker, you can add in your own images.


Bitcoin+Lightning Node

The following is a configuration file for BlackboxOS that creates a full Bitcoin and Lightning node running on mainnet.

More examples can be found in the documentation.