Modular trading strategies.

Build collections of agents using simple configurations that together realize your ideal asset flows.

This example creates two (2) agents, one which sends 7.5 XZC to an address every 5 days (if its available), and another that trades up to 100 XZC for BTC at spot over a day.


Project Summary

Coinscape is a software toolkit to build modular trading strategies. It was developed for Crypdex Capital and is the engine that powers our internal management systems. Strategies are configured with YAML and execute against privileged full nodes and exchange accounts making it appropriate for non-custodial applications such as the management of generalized mining income.

Use Case: Generalized Mining Income

Income produced through generalized mining activities such as staking and running masternodes produces a stream of assets that are generated in the denominations native to the participating network. For many network participants, there is some portion of assets that need to be converted into either Bitcoin to hit alpha, or to stablecoin to use as working capital.

Creating these sorts of recurrent trading activities are simple with Coinscape. Agents are intended to be individually simple and to function independently allowing for modularity and scale.

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