Sparkswap Mini


Non-custodial Bitcoin swaps over the Lightning Network.

Created for Sparkswap and powered by the Blackbox platform, the Sparkswap Mini delivers the entire Sparkswap stack in the palm of your hand.


Project Summary

Sparkswap is a non-custodial trading platform built on the Lightning Network that lets participants trade cryptocurrencies without depositing assets with a third party. The Sparkswap Mini simplifies local deployments for cryptocurrency traders.

The hardware features a 6-Core ARM 64-Bit processor, 4GB RAM, and 1TB SSD with gigabit ethernet and onboard 802.11ac WiFi. The software is kept up to date by Crypdex in coordination with Sparkswap. In addition to running the Sparkswap Broker, the Sparkswap Mini runs full Bitcoin, Litecoin and Lightning nodes.

Documentation for the first edition is available here.