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Crypdex is a services company providing blockchain and cryptocurrency consulting, development, and technology. Our mission is to help businesses, investors, and individuals understand and implement the technologies of decentralization.

From the basics of Bitcoin to atomic swaps and smart contracts, Crypdex offers the knowledge and expertise to deliver your application.



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Products and Services


Do you and members of your organization want to know more about blockchain and cryptocurrencies? Are you exploring a project and want to know the options?

Crypdex offers consulting and research customized for your interests.


Project Development

Crypdex has the expertise to design, develop and deploy your blockchain project. We have built wallets, trading systems, and hardware nodes and can help architect, deploy, and support your application. From IoT hardware nodes to cloud deploys, we can do that.

What can we build for you?


Crypdex has developed a suite of technology solutions for securely managing cryptoasset holdings. Our technology is available to funds, individual investors, funds, and wealth managers with tools for position management, staking, and storage.



Our BlackboxOS is an open-source, ARM-first platform that facilitates development and network participation. BlackboxOS powers our own infrastructure and is the foundation of our line of hardware nodes. We like to call this “client-side infrastructure”.

Working with Crypdex has given a boost to the way I look at managing positions using a systematic process. The importance of using a stable coin as a position was a key part of our learning.
— Humberto Portillo, Freedom Financial Management

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