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Created for Sparkswapand powered by Blackbox. 

Featuring a 64-bit hexa-core CPU and a 1TB SSD, this little white-labeled solution runs the Sparkswap Broker, LND, and full Bitcoin and Litecoin nodes.

Plug and play. No coding required.

Pre-assembled and pre-synced, the Multichain Staking Node has everything you need to begin staking right now.

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Stake PIVX, Qtum, BlocknetDX and NavCoin in one device with Crypdex's Multichain Staking Node

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Stake PIVX.

Crypdex’s PIVX Staking Node is the easiest way to start staking your PIV.

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  • Plug and Play

    Begin staking by simply sending coins to the node.

  • BlackboxOS

    Crypdex's BlackboxOS keeps your node running securely with software updates that you control.

  • Energy efficient

    Runs on less than 4 watts for efficient always-on operation.

  • Hacker Friendly

    Secure access wit native RPC, an HTTP API or through a simplified command line utility.

  • Open Source

    All software is open source.

  • Run a Masternode

    Stop paying hosting fees. Masternode support is enabled for both collateral as well as full service masternodes.

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